Manifest, Plan & Create your impactful 2024 with your long-awaited Booksoeurs Agenda!

Brace yourselves for the moment you've been waiting for! The 2024 Booksoeurs Agenda has arrived, and it's better than ever.


This year, it's all about class, sass, motivation, intention, and a touch of the Mauritian essence. 

Packed with fresh content and new surprises, this agenda is your key to a year that truly matters. 


Explore your options with A5 for just Rs 800 instead of Rs 885. With diverse designs to cater to all tastes and styles, you're sure to discover the perfect fit to set the tone for your most exceptional year.


And to make it truly your own, personalize it with your choice of cover for just Rs 1035.


Stay stylish and organized throughout the year – Order your trendy agenda NOW and until the 10th of March.


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For all new orders, Delivery will be done around WEEK - 27th of March 2024!

Choose Your Cover


Fer ski ran twa Ere

The best is yet to come

Barbie Era

Rekonet To Valer

Apresie to lavi

Take care of yourself

Little book of Big ideas

Self-love club

Make it happen

Think it, want it, get it

Believe in Yourself

To ena potansiel

Shades of Blue

Konstrir to lavenir


You are enough

LadyBoss AGENDA 2024

Lève toi et brille


Now or never

Make room for yourself

LadyBoss Planner

Note à moi-même

Personalize your cover

Frequently Asked Questions

After the 12th of December, will I still be able to order my agenda?

Yes we will continue taking your orders until the 23rd of December. However, delivery for orders made after the 12th of december will be made after by mid-January 2022

On what date will I get delivery if I order as from the  13th of December?

Mid-January 2022

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